Case Study: Collapsed Rooftop

This industrial building's roof collapsed, home to a 40+ year old family business, imediattley exposing the company inventory to the rain and other outside elements.

Megawrap Tubular Enclosure x Tacoma 2017

Industrial building which houses 40 year old family business roof collapsed due to dry rot and weather exposing inventory

TES Assembly:

System was designed and built at our facility. Taken and assembled at jobsite rolled into place and secured.

Final Step:

TES covered with shrinkwrap. Inventory protected. Customer happy on to the next project.

“As an industrial manufacturer, I was losing a substantial amount of money in damages when I shipped out my machinery. With great care for their customers and quality industrial shrink wrap containment services, Megawrap Inc. has made it so I never have to worry about damaged machinery again!”

Tom Carter, Seattle, Wa.